As our current COVID-19 pandemic continues, we are seeing some signs of relief. Montana and other states are starting to open up and the number of new coronavirus cases continues to drop in many cities and states around the United States.

If you're still worried about the virus, here's five things to make you feel better about COVID-19:


Recent studies in California & New York have indicated that more people have had the coronavirus than first believed. This means the death percentage will go down as more antibody testing becomes available and people who previously had the virus are identified. *NY Post


Only 1 out of 100,000 people are dying of COVID-19 in Montana. *


Montana has only 6 hospitalizations in the entire state for COVID-19. *Montana Response: Covid-19 map


Montana has recorded only 14 cases state-wide of the coronavirus since April 22nd. *Montana Response: Covid-19 map


Gallatin County has not recorded a single case of COVID-19 since April 22nd. *Gallatin County-City Health Department  UPDATE: 2 new cases were reported the day after this was published (May 7), but those cases were in West Yellowstone not the Gallatin Valley, although still technically in the county.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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