photo by Dave Wooten

It's supposed to rain off and on all this week in the Bozeman area. With summer looming around the corner, I'm ready to get outside. But the good news is, there's still plenty of fun to be had around Bozeman even in the rain.

Here are 5 Things to Do When it Rains in Bozeman

5) Browse the Used Book Emporium: Located in a barn-looking building off of Huffine Lane (93 Rowland Road), many of you may not even know about this gem of a local bookstore. They have close to 30,000 books. I actually dropped into browse this past weekend after our Super Garage Sale.

4) Gallatin History Museum: 317 W. Main St. A great place to learn all about the history of the area where we live. The museum is actually located in what was the former jail of Bozeman.

3) Bozeman Hot Springs: While it's raining outside, you can relax inside in a natural hot spring. Actually, they have several hot springs. Locals have been enjoying the hot springs there for more than 100 years. Who knows, you might even run into Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2) A Local Coffee House: There's nothing better than lounging in a local coffee house on a crummy weather day. Hangout with a friend or bring that book you're currently reading. You can also take advantage of that free wi-fi and play games on your laptop or iPad.

1) Museum of the Rockies: One of coolest places that we have in the Bozeman area. Bring the family and kids or enjoy by yourself. From the dinosaur bones, to the exhibits, and the planetarium, there's always something fun to learn and see at the museum.

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