One of my first jobs as a teenager was at Albertson's. I started out as a courtesy clerk, and worked my way up to being a checker. It's a tough gig because you never know what kind of customers you're going to encounter. I also worked at Cabela's for awhile, and I gained a lot of respect for people that work in retail.

5. The Person Who Can't Seem To Find Thier Money

Townsquare Media / Jesse James

If you've spent an hour in a grocery store shopping, you probably want to check out and go home as quickly as possible. That's hard to do when you can't seem to find your method of payment. Sometimes, you get stuck behind someone that has the tendancy to do things very slowly. It shouldn't take someone over a minute to count out 35 cents.

2. The Coupon Lady

Jesse James

We all like saving money, I understand that. Do you really need 30 jugs of laundry detergent? I've been known to use a coupon here and there, but where do you draw the line?

3. The health food nut that gives you dirty looks for buying a Snickers

Jesse James

I try to eat healthy. Being single and living alone it get's tough. When I'm shopping, I often stock up on vegetables so that I can have them for dinner every night. Sometimes, I just want a Snickers. You know the feeling, right? I won't give you a dirty look for buying kale if you don't give me a dirty look for buying a candy bar. Deal?

4.Parents Not Paying Attention To Their Kids

Jesse James

I know that kids are a handful, but when I used to work at Cabela's kids would constantly run around with the pop guns that were sold there. It was literally nonstop! I'm not a parent, so I know I can't judge, but I do have a suggestion. If you take your kids to the store, please look after them. Don't just let them run wild.

 5. The person that always pays with change

Jesse James

We've all been there. It's the day before payday, so you have to dig through your change jar to get gas money. Waiting in line behind someone counting out change can be very time consuming. It's almost as bad as the crazy coupon lady. There's a reason that the Coinstar machine was invented.