If you thought the opinions and rhetoric about Whole Foods coming to town was over the top, there's another luxury grocery chain that would make Bozeman's head explode if they ever decided to expand here.

To be clear, the retailer I'm going to discuss has no plans to come to Montana. Anything is possible I suppose, but this is just an exercise in "it could be way worse" for those who are adamantly opposed to new retailers who threaten the status quo.

Until a few days ago, I had never heard of the following "California luxury supermarket chain" - Erewhon Market. It has become known as America's most expensive grocery store, catering to the elite of Los Angeles. Their eight locations in California are loved by the specialized and/or alternative diet devotes - Keto, vegan, kosher, raw, etc.

When you scan the socials for Erewhon Market, you'll find products promoted such as: Organic Raw Strawberry Cream Pie, Erewhon Maca, Hyaluronic acid, and collagen capsules, Elissa Goodman’s Thyroid Juice, 100% Organic French Terry Cotton Erewhon hoodies, Orange Dreamsicle super probiotic coconut yogurt, artisanal popcorn with sea salt and spirulina...the fancy list goes on.

Again, it is highly unlikely we'll be seeing Erewhon Market anywhere in Montana. The small chain seems content to cater to the southern California area. It's a favorite of celebrities and those folks who are not concerned about the soaring price of eggs or milk. According to the Erewhon Market website:

At Erewhon, we believe that nutrition is the key to a radiant lifestyle. Through our markets, we endeavor to provide exceptional organic products that inspire good decision-making and healthier communities.

Sites like Buzzfeed have highlighted the most expensive items sold at Erewhon Market, such as $17 smoothies that are branded for celebrities like Hailey Bieber. Hey, if that's what sells in L.A., fine. To be honest, you and I both know someone who might actually buy something like that here. To each their own.

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Personally, I'm a firm believer of spending as much of my money at locally owned stores as possible. It's not a perfect art as the budget dictates how much I can spend on things so sometimes price simply wins. On the flip side, I'm also a firm believer that YOU can spend your money however and wherever you choose. It's your money. It's America. Just keep in mind that part of America is a big fan of $17 smoothies.

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