In July of 2019, Cayden James Leonard was hit and killed by a car as he was riding his bike near the Livingston Depot. This coming Friday, Cayden would have been 13 years old. To keep his memory alive, Cayden's family has created a Facebook page to honor him by asking people to share the kind things that they have done for others as Cayden loved doing things for other people.

You can find the 4Cayden Facebook page here. The page promotes paying it forward, and already it seems to be pretty successful in getting folks to help others. Here's some of the good deeds that have been posted to the page thus far:

Something I've always wanted to do was pay someone's bill in the drive through behind me. I did so recently, which is something people do. But this one was a little special...I did know this person, so not a stranger. But this person is not only a long time friend, but a neighbor. This friend has been suffering the life of a lonely widow. I wanted her to know remember that there are still people that love and care for her. She was very appreciative.
Not only did I make her day, the young gentleman accepting my payment was pleasantly surprised and almost giddy that he was, in some small pay, a part of this gesture. It must have made an impression, as he remembered me the next time I came through the same drive through. Warmed my heart in return. - Tracy
I'm trying to do something everyday. Today I chased down papers for a gentlemen that got pull from his hand by the wind. - Lorrie


Yesterday I was taking my shopping cart in from town and county and honestly i try to do this all the time. But an elderly lady was taking hers back and I took it for her. She was shocked and so grateful. But I do think In our small town many of us do this I have a love for elderly folks. - Betsy

If you do a kind thing for another person, share the experience on the 4Cayden Facebook page.

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