Contrary to popular belief, I am not a scrooge at Christmas Time. I love Christmas! It has always been my favorite Holiday. Picking out our Christmas tree and then bringing it home and decorating it is still one of my favorite things of the year.

Sadly, over the years, a few things just aren't around anymore when it comes to Christmas, and I find myself thinking of them every year.

Here's the 3 Things I Miss the Most at Christmas:

3 - The Sears Catalog. Getting the new catalog every year just after Halloween and picking out all the things that I hoped to get from it that Christmas. There was a lot of cool things in the Sears Christmas catalog. I love the computer age, but I miss catalogs, especially at Christmas time. Sears had the best!

2 - A Fire Place. Every Christmas we would always gather in the living room on Christmas Eve with a fire going. Then the next morning, we would light it again while we opened up our gifts. One year we accidentally closed the flue and we got smoked out. Someday, I hope we can have a home with a fireplace again for Super James.

1 - My Parents & Family. Mom and Dad are no longer with us, and my brothers and sister are spread out around the country, so it's been a LONG time since we've all been in the same room at Christmas. If your family is all together this Christmas I hope you realize how blessed you are.

What do you miss at Christmas time? Send me an email and let me know:

Merry Christmas!


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