Ally and I spend a lot of time together at the radio station, but until you travel with someone, I'm not sure you truly know them. Here's 3 Things I Learned About Ally on Our Trip to St. Jude in Memphis, Tennessee:

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    TSA Agents Love Ally

    At every single security checkpoint we went through, Ally was flagged and promptly received a thorough pat-down. In Bozeman, she got two! I'm already planning to arrive two hours before departure on next year's St. Jude trip just in case.

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    Ally Has the Ability to Fall Asleep Before the Cabin Door is Closed

    If you like conversation, you do not want Ally as a seatmate. She actually has the unique ability of being able to fall asleep before the cabin door to the plane is closed. As a person who hates to fly, I wish I could acquire this ability.

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    Ally Wears Glasses

    I've been working with Ally for 6-months and I had no idea she wears glasses. She's never wore them on the show or alluded to the fact she has contacts. I still have a headache from trying on her glasses and looking through them. The girl can't see an inch in front of her.

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