Forbes Magazine has always been a trusted media source, typically highlighting finances and the people behind the money.

Whether these individuals started a company or inherited one, they have to be pretty dang good at what they do to make the Forbes 400 list. Maybe they got together with some friends, came up with a brilliant idea and now are incredibly rich. Either way, the Forbes 400 shows us who the richest people in America are.

Montana has 3 people on the Forbes 400 list with a total combined net worth of over 17 billion dollars. Yes, billion!

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First on the list of Montana's richest people in America is:

Dennis Washington. The 89 year old comes in at #145 of 400 and is worth over 7 billion dollars.

Next on the list is a tie between two individuals.

Austen Cargill, II. At the age of 72, Austen's worth puts him just north of 5 billion dollars and places him #224 on the list.

Marianne Liebmann also comes in at #224 of the Forbes 400. Marianne is also worth just north of 5 billion dollars.


Of course we all kind of know who the #1 spot goes to for Richest Person in America.

#1 Richest Man in America: 

Elon Musk. At age 52, Elon's net worth is more than $251 billion dollars.

You can check out the entire list below. I don't even know what I would do with even a fraction of these peoples money. Hell, I'm happy if I get an extra $20 on my paycheck.


cc: Forbes

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