With the help of the XL Nation, Dave & Amy are in the process of writing a country song with Stephanie Quayle. Last week on the XL Country Morning Show we invited the XL Nation to email and Facebook us song lyrics. The idea is to create a country song that encompasses XL Country, the XL Nation, and Southwest Montana.

Stephanie took those ideas and lyrics and has come up with what she calls: the bones of a song. We've posted it below and now we need your help in refining it. More to the point, we need lyrics that show a particular place or lifestyle that is prominent here in Southwest Montana. An example would be: Enjoying breakfast at the Western Cafe, then we're heading to the Gallatin to waste the day away.

Keep in mind, this is a work in progress and nowhere near being finished. If you have a lyric or idea you would like to contribute, email me at Dave@XLcountry.com.

Living It Up in the XL Nation

let’s head on down to chico
for a soak and grab a drink
get blown away in livingston
at the roundup & __________ink
we’ll take our horse power all across the ______ranges
we’ll run into friends we haven’t seen in ages

We’ll be bozeman bound, passing bobcats, on the way to the Brick
we got country sounds blasting through the speakers, ______________name a fav song here


We’ll be listening in
from Butte to Bozeman
Big Sky to Belgrade
Three Forks, Whitehall,
Wilsall & Gallatin Gateway

Living in God's Creation, We Are the XL Nation


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