We have some news that may ruin your Friday: You probably ate bugs this morning, and you'll almost definitely eat more today.     According to estimates by "Scientific American", you eat up to two POUNDS of bugs and bug parts a year without knowing it. That's because bugs get into everything you eat.

The FDA knows that it's impossible to produce bug-free food, and they have guidelines of just how many bugs can be in different products.

For instance, in canned and frozen berries, there can be four insect larvae or 10 adults in every 500 grams . . . which is 1.1 pounds. And that doesn't count LITTLE bugs like aphids or mites.

Ground cinnamon can have 400 bug parts and 11 rodent hairs in every 50 grams . . . which is about two ounces. And 50 grams of chocolate can have 30 bug parts.

Hops . . . which is used to make beer . . . can have 2,500 aphids in every 10 grams. That's about five percent of its total weight.

Bon appetit!

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