Yellowstone National Park is filled with wonderful, wild animals from bears to bison to wolves, but there are other animals that some visitors might not be aware of and park officials don't want folks to be caught off guard.

Snake phobia is a common thing with people and that's why YNP recently posted a reminder about the different reptiles in the park (only one is poisonous). Check out the size of the bullsnake in the Mammoth area that Jen posted a picture of in the comments!

From bullsnakes to rattlesnakes, there are a few slithery friends that prefer lower elevation areas that are dry and warm. The park says only two rattlesnake bites have ever been reported in Yellowstone, but officials want people to be aware that this kind of reptile can be found in certain areas of the park. According to YNP, rattlesnakes live in the lower Yellowstone River areas of the park, including Reese Creek, Stephens Creek, and Rattlesnake Butte.

Officials also point out that people may encounter the rubber boa snake in the park. Recent sightings include Gibbon Meadow and the Bechler region of YNP. It is rare to see a rubber boa in the park though due in part to the reptile's nocturnal habits.

For more details, check out the Yellowstone National Park's Facebook.

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