The Dixie Chicks have never quite overcome the remarks one of their members, Natalie Maines, stated about The President while performing in London in 2003.  These comments criticizing President Bush have haunted the group for years.

But perhaps that’s all in the past. The Dixie Chicks have announced they are putting out a new album and going on tour in 2020.  

So, we asked the XL Nation what their thoughts were behind the Dixie Chicks returning to the music scene.  Do you want to hear new music from them?  Or are you still done with the Dixie Chicks?

Here’s a sampling of what the XL Nation had to say:

Miranda from Livingston: 

I would listen to the Dixie Chicks. If we censored every time an artist did something we didn't agree with there would be no one to listen to, no movies to watch, no art to hang on your walls. Isn't that the beauty of our country the freedom of speech the freedom to disagree and in turn the freedom to listen to the type of music you want.  Our country has a long history of people speaking out against the government from the Boston tea party to civil rights marches on Washington. While I may not have agreed with their opinion or chosen venue for sharing their opinion, I still like their music!

Anonymous in Three Forks:

On the subject of the Dixie Chicks it would be hard for me to listen to them again. I loved their music but I think they need to accept the fact that they did not support their country at a time after 9-11. It wasn’t so much the President that they did not support but the idea that they did not support our troops after 9-11. Their anti-patriotism souls cannot be forgotten at least not by me, the troops that defended our country, or the ideals that have always been a part of what makes our country what it is. Such a sad time for our country back then. It’s about consequences and using your fame to take a stand With that they put their career on the line and they own this. They are anti American.

Pam in Belgrade:

We have had that very conversation at home. I would definitely buy their new music.

Kacee in Bozeman:

I love the Dixie chicks! So many people have forgotten, and have not even been around for the events that surrounded the end of their career. Comebacks are always welcomed.

Cassie in Bozeman:

I loved the Dixie Chicks so much. I will be so happy to hear from them again

What are your thoughts on the Dixie Chicks making a comeback? Email me your comments.

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