I love books, I have been reading the heck out of them all my life. And then Kindle came along. Did I think I would like Kindle??? NO! I thought, I will always want a REAL book to hold in my hand. Until I figured out I could get free books, and the Kindle fit about a million of them in the space it would take to put ONE book.

Tomorrow, April 23rd is World Book Night, started in the UK to promote reading, and they even give out free books, which research shows, has prompted lots of people to read more books. In many cases, people who have gotten books for their kids in the past, have forgotten they they themselves used to love to read, and this has rekindled their love for reading, too.

A book that has helped change my life is "The Life-Changing Joy of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo. All about organizing and only keeping the things you love. It is inspiring!

The goal is to reach:
Isolated and vulnerable older people;
Less confident adult readers or those who don’t read for pleasure;
Men and women of all ages in prisons;
People with mental health issues;
Parents and vulnerable pregnant women;
Young people who don’t read for pleasure;

Help spread the joy of reading on World Book Night by reading to your own kids or for yourself, giving out books, or host a World Book Night event.




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