This Saturday it's Cat-Griz as the MSU Bobcats will host the University of Montana in both men's and women's basketball. To celebrate Cat-Griz Week we're giving away 2 Bobcat Swag Bags that include:

  • MSU embroidered sweatshirts
  • Bobcat hats
  • 2 tickets to both the men's & women's games
  • Assorted Bobcat stickers

Here's how to win:

  • Visit our XL Country Facebook page
  • Spell out Go Cats using items from around your office or home
  • Take a picture and post it on our XL Country Facebook page
  • You can only use an item once. Ex. If you use a pencil, you can't use a 2nd pencil

We'll draw out 2 winners Friday morning at 7:35 on the XL Morning Show. Good Luck! And Go Cats!

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