Look at it as a small investment for a much larger payment.  If I sell half of the stuff that I have out for my garage sale, I will make $500.  So $50 to $500... Seems pretty good to me.  So where does that $50 go to?  Part of it goes to Warriors and Quiet Waters.  Find out what you get for your money!


Why haul all of your stuff to some other place for a garage sale, just to turn around and pick up half of it and haul it all back home. Your $50 goes to ensure your stuff gets seen by a lot of people in your own driveway!

  • Your garage sale marked on interactive/printable map of the Super Garage Sale.  See an example of a map.
  • Photos of your items featured on interactive map
  • On-Air exposure and DJ shout outs of sale items
  • With each paid registration, Townsquare Media will make a in kind donation of $25 worth of advertising support to Warriors And Quiet Waters.

If you advertise on craigslist or with another outlet you won't get nearly the exposure!  We will be talking about your items on air.  XL Country will be running around looking at all the great items at your garage sale.  While we are at the garage sales we will be broadcasting live telling XL Nation all the goods you have.




Sign on up for the Super Garage Sale and let us help you sell your stuff!  Remember if you don't sign up and set a date... you'll be like me and never get it done!  So sign up and don't procrastinate!

Super Garage Sale Saturday May 18th, Where: Anywhere sales are happening, Sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery and Warriors and Quiet Waters
Eventbrite - Bozeman Super Garage Sale