With garage sale season picking up steam and the Super Garage sale just around the corner it's time to get ready for your garage sale!  Here are some easy tips to help sell your stuff quickly and without a headache!

A few ideas from Best Garage Sale Tips.com:

  • The 10% Rule-  Price your items around 10% of what the retail value is.
  • Give yourself some room to move.  Meaning if you want to get at least $20 for something, price it at $25 or $30.
  • You have to price to beat Ebay and Thrift Stores.  No one wants to pay $50 for a tickle me Elmo when they can get the same thing for $25 on Ebay.
  • Compare your big ticket item to something new.  Do you have an almost new table saw that you never use? Find a the price new on amazon and stick it to it.
  • Don't haul all of your stuff to a pawn shop or some huge warehouse sale, you will just to end up hauling it all back.
  • Pretend to reduce your items!  That's how the stores suck you in.  Look I got a $300 purse for $15... I got such a great deal!
  • Don't sell things for 25¢.  Mark a table of old books 4 for $1.  Less change is easier on you!
  • Cute kids selling coffee, donuts, hot chocolate, cookies.  Have them put out a sign that says "College Fund"  Who can resist a cute kid with treats!?
  • Sign up for the Super Garage Sale on May 18th!  We will promote the sale, talk about your items on air.  And we will be running around broadcasting live on all the great stuff you have to offer.

Super Garage Sale Saturday May 18th, Where: Anywhere sales are happening, Sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery and Warriors and Quiet Waters
Eventbrite - Bozeman Super Garage Sale