What's that one thing that has been in your garage forever... The one thing that you have wanted to get rid of but either don't have the time or the energy to get it out there.  I know I do!  I have a 75 Gallon Aquarium with a nice stand and a ton of parts for it...  It's been in my garage for a couple of years now and I just haven't gotten around to cleaning it up and selling it.  That all changes on May 18th!  Time for The Super Garage Sale!


Let us know what you have in your garage!  Friday morning during the XL Country Morning Show we want you to call in and tell us what you have in your garage.  Do you have a ton of kids toys, a couple of bikes, some old camping gear?  Whatever you have we want to know!  406 582-1061 is the number to the studio.

Remember that for every person that signs up for The Super Garage Sale, XL Country will donate $25 to Warriors And Quiet Waters.  

So SIGN UP, get rid of that stuff, and help out some wounded veterans at the same time



Also up for grabs will be Russell's Victoria's Secret Poster!