To avoid traffic and construction, you should read about what is happening in downtown Bozeman.

It's the summer, and that means its construction season in Montana. You will likely run into some construction in town or on a highway. Montana Construction consists of shoulder work by adding rail guards, new asphalt being laid, or more.

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Even though we all hate highway construction, in-town road work is even more annoying. People ignore signs or alerts and can turn a simple slow down into a standstill.

The City of Bozeman announced several construction dates for downtown Bozeman, and if you aren't paying attention, you will be stuck waiting.

Bozeman Downtown - City Walks YouTube
Bozeman Downtown - City Walks YouTube

This summer, East Main Street will see several projects centered around Rouse Avenue, Bozeman Avenue, East Babcock, South Church Avenue, and East Main Street.

What exactly is the City of Bozeman doing? They are updating old sewer lines to help with the growing population and maintenance demands. The construction won't be happening all at once. The City of Bozeman will work on each street at different points of the summer.

Downtown Bozeman via Facebook
Downtown Bozeman via Facebook

This entails slower speeds, slower traffic, zero street parking, and only one lane will be available.

The upside is downtown Bozeman events like Music on Main, and Sweet Pea Festival, among others, won't be affected by this construction. The bad news is parking will be limited, and traffic will be a nightmare.

Even though this construction will be a pain in the neck for locals and tourists alike, the thing to think about is it's better to get these updates done now than later. With Bozeman still growing, this construction is needed.

For more details, check out the City of Bozeman.

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