I'm not sure who came up with the brilliant idea to mix two of the best things ever together, but I sure am grateful they did. Of course, we are talking about the much-beloved hot dog.

There is just something about hot dogs and warm weather that seem to go hand in hand.

Maybe it's the fact that they are easy to grill, or the fact that they're a favorite with the kiddos, but hot dogs are certainly a summer favorite. A lot of folks debate over what ingredients make for the best hot dog. Obviously, you need to have a hot dog and a bun, but after that, it's all up in the air.

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Hot dogs are a popular item in my house during the summer. However, I can be a bit of a hot dog snob, as I only buy all-beef hot dogs. Having said that, I can go either grilled, fried, steamed, or boiled.

Grilled hot dog on a bun with chili and cheese

Do you go with onions or without? Mustard or ketchup, or both? Jalapenos? Chili? Bacon? Pickles? Something else? What is your must-have when it comes to hot dogs?

There is a handful of places here in Bozeman where you can get a great hot dog. Let's take a look at a few of them:

  • Paulie's Deli. Paulie's is located right across from Bobcat Stadium and if you're looking for a fantastic hot dog, Paulie's is certainly a place you should check out.
  • Costco. Costco might seem like a weird choice, but their all beef hot dog and soda for a 1.50 is pretty hard to beat.
  • Five Guys. Five Guys of course is known for their burgers and fries, but they have a fantastic hot dog and you can even get it with bacon and cheese.
  • Burger Bob's. Burger Bobs's is another place known for their delicious burgers, but they're also the home of the Super Dog, which is 2 big hot dogs served on a hamburger bun.
  • Low-Key Sandwiches.  Even though they're technically on the "kid's menu," Low-Key offers an all-beef hot dog.
Chicago hot dog on a poppy seed bun topped with tomatoes and sweet relish

Where is your favorite place to get a hot dog? What did we miss on our list?  Be sure to let us know and happy Hot Dog Season!

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