We all know when we are in a rush and starving we want our food quickly, but where do you go to?

Fast food is the best choice but which fast food restaurant is the best choice and fastest? We now have that answer.

QSR Magazine put together a study of the biggest chains and went to 1,500 stores and did the average time it took someone from ordering their food to getting it.

Some of the restaurants on the list we don't have here in Bozeman so here are the local fast food restaurants that are the fastest to the slowest.

  • 1


    Wendy's is actually number two on the list behind Dunkin Donuts but Wendy's is always really quick with their orders through the drive through. Not surprised they are this high on the list.

  • 2

    Burger King

    Maybe other places but the Burger King is pretty slow compared to the other restaurants on this list. According to the study, their average time in the drive thru is just under four minutes.

  • 3

    Taco Bell

    Taco Bell is always packed with people but they get their food out very quickly and everyone is happy with their product. Their average is just at four minutes.

  • 4


    Again, another place that can be either very quick or just terribly slow, KFC is in the middle of the list but should be towards the bottom. If they don't have their product ready it can take some time to make and back up the line.

  • 5


    This seems about right. If you are getting a roast beef sandwich, your order will be quick but if you get a chicken sandwich, you will have to wait for your order.

  • 6


    McDonald's is number nine on the list and it's no surprise. McDonald's, especially here in Bozeman can get extremely backed up and take forever for you to get your food. Coming in at four minutes and 45 seconds, that can seem like forever in the drive thru.

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