There have been some real head-scratchers lately when driving around Bozeman, and it's only getting worse. 

The city of Bozeman is a place that has been growing at a steady rate for several years, and that has increased traffic and drivers on the roads every single day. We've discussed the worst intersections in Bozeman, and we've also talked about how some crosswalks are useless. The thing is, are drivers to blame for some of the mistakes? 

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Have I seen some horrendous driving in Bozeman over the past few years? Absolutely. Has it been all tourists? Nope. For instance, one thing I see constantly happen every month is someone driving the wrong way on Mendenhall Avenue. If you don't realize it, that is one-way, and people travel down the road as if it's a two-way street. I've gotten used to seeing that, but I saw something tonight that bewildered me. 

I was driving home and was going through a roundabout, and I saw someone in a truck essentially ignore the roundabout and drive over it. I am not joking. This truck was taking a right and drove over the middle part of the roundabout. 

Do I have a problem with it? Not really, but I was still going through the roundabout, and it was startling to see a truck getting dangerously close to my car. I understand getting to your destination sooner, but you can't endanger other people so you can get home sooner. 

Photo by Michael Jin via Unsplash
Photo by Michael Jin via Unsplash

Please be careful when driving around Bozeman and be aware of your surroundings. You never know what you will see. 

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