Well, this limits our choices on where to get a delicious sweet treat in downtown Bozeman. 

This past weekend I had my dad in town and told him all about locally owned Genuine Ice Cream. I told him about their fantastic flavors and how Genuine Ice Cream has been a staple of the community. We were walking downtown, and I figured we would hit up their location in the Main Street Market but what I saw broke my heart. 

Genuine Ice Cream has closed its location in the Main Street Market effective immediately. Luckily, Genuine Ice Cream will still have its flagship store open off the corner of Main Street and 9th Avenue still open every day of the week. So you can still enjoy their incredible flavors of ice cream. 

Townsquare Media Bozeman
Townsquare Media Bozeman

No word yet on why they closed this location, but we speculate that Genuine Ice Cream saw a significant drop in customers when the weather turned cold and the Main Street Market location didn't see the volume of customers Genuine Ice Cream's flagship location gets consistently. 

We are sad to see Genuine Ice Cream's location in the heart of downtown Bozeman close, that doesn't mean we don't have spots to get delicious ice cream in the area. 

Sweet Peaks Ice Cream has a downtown Bozeman location right off the corner of Rouse Avenue and Main Street. Sweet Peaks is a Montana-owned ice cream shop and usually has lovely flavors to try as well. Also, if you don't mind the walk, you can still hit up the Genuine Ice Cream flagship store too. 

So whether the weather is cold or hot, we still have a few spots to get tasty ice cream in Downtown Bozeman.

For more details, check out Genuine Ice Cream

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