I lived in Montana most of my life and have never heard this term. Maybe I didn't live near the cool kids.

If you have lived in Montana for any period, you know we have little quips, sayings, or slang terms that can confuse transplants, tourists, or each other. There are different terms that parts of Montanans use that could confuse a longtime local. We have all been there.

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We have talked about ski and snowboarder slang terms, but there are slang words that Montanans use daily. These terms can deal with any situation or area you might be in, but slang terms can get a little weird.

Photo by Matthew Lancaster via Unpslash
Photo by Matthew Lancaster via Unsplash

So what is the weirdest slang term for Montana? It's a term that is confusing but is fun.

Stacker made a list of the Weirdest Slang Term for Every State, and Montana's is a winter favorite, especially here in the Gallatin Valley.

The weirdest slang term in Montana is hooky bobbing. You might be thinking, what does that even mean? Are people skipping school and then bobbing back into class? No.

Hooky bobbing is the slang that Montana's youth uses for a winter activity. Hooky bobbing is when you go sledding or get dragged on Montana's icy roads while pulled by a vehicle.

Photo by Paige Vondoersten via Unpslash
Photo by Paige Vondoersten via Unsplash

If you have spent a winter in Montana, you have probably seen high school kids pulling their friends behind their cards on sleds in parking lots or on roads. It's a wintertime activity that has happened for generations and has no sign of slowing down.

Should we have a better term for this activity? Probably but hooky bobbing is fun to say and perfectly explains what it means.

What do you think is the weirdest slang term in Montana? Let us know on the app.

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