The world needs more cowboys.

And based on this adorable video I found of these next-level, next-generation bullfighters we're headed in the right direction.

TheDenimKoyote TikTok is full of snippets of life on a farm/ranch in Virginia.

It's run by two moms who have 6 kids between them (and it seems like they may be all boys).

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As a mom of 5 myself, with three of them boys, I totally love all the fun videos of their little cowboys running around.

My sons all went through the "Cowboy Stage" where all they wore was wranglers, boots, spurs, and their cowboy hats...and of course chaps and a toy gun or two shoved in their waistband.

If they turned up missing, I always knew to head down to the corrals, where I would find them hanging on the fence talking to their horses, or running around with their ropes swinging at posts and bales.

But, I never had the opportunity to let them practice being Bullfighters like these little guys are doing in this recently posted video.

My sons would have loved a chance to work on their bullfighting skills like these two little cowboys.

They are definitely working on being the next generation of bullfighters.

I agree with one of the comments on the video that said Flint Rathmussen better watch out...these kiddos are definitely coming for him.



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