Kyle Burgess was out for a run when he ran across a mountain lion and her cub.  His original plans quickly changed, when the mama mountain lion spotted Kyle and then charged at him.

But that wasn't the end of the encounter, the mountain lion preceded to follow him down the road for quite a while.

You can watch the entire confrontation that occurred in Slate Canyon near Provo, Utah in the video below.

Please be advised the person shooting this video is using very bad language but you probably would too if a mountain lion was following you from just a few feet away.

Again, the language used is not for small kids or people who are offended by bad language.

**Language Warning**

The video below has foul and explicit language. View discretion is advised.

I'll admit that while I watched the video I jumped a few times and my heart was pounding. I couldn't imaging being the guy in the video. Though it did make me curious of what you are supposed to do in an encounter with a mountain lion. Here are some tips from the National Park Service:

  • Don't hike alone.
  • Stay calm if you see a mountain lion.
  • Don't approach a mountain lion.
  • Attempt to appear larger by raising your arms and opening your jacket if you are wearing one.
  • Wave your arms slowly and speak firmly in a loud voice.
  • Don't run from a mountain lion.
  • Don't crouch down or bend over.
  • Without crouching or turning your back, start throwing stones or whatever you can reach in its direction (toward it, but not directly at it). Aim for the ground in front of it. If the animal persists then begin throwing items directly at the mountain lion.
  • Fight back if necessary. Try to stay standing and facing the mountain lion.


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