The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office is an intricate part of the community and they are looking to fill new positions. Currently, they are hiring detention officers and expect deputy openings to occur this winter. As part of their recruitment, the Sheriff's Office compiled a cool video. Heck, after watching it I was thinking about joining the team! Watch the video by clicking the button below.

Overall the Sheriff's Office is responsible for "law enforcement in Gallatin County, including patrol, Search and Rescue, criminal investigation, civil process, Office of the Coroner, detention, animal control, concealed weapons permits, prisoner transports, and court security" according to their Facebook Page.

The Detention Officer position is full-time and maintains a secure detention facility, provides inmate supervision, incarceration of inmates, keep inmates in safe custody, secure pre-trial and sentenced inmates, and other related duties. If you are interested in becoming a detention officer they are looking for people who:

  • Wish to improve the quality of life for your community
  • Can pass a physical, written, oral, and psychological examinations
  • Are able to keep an active CPR certification
  • Can provide firm, fair, consistent care of inmates
  • Maintain a high level of personal and professional honesty and integrity

If you'd like to keep an eye on new jobs at the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office and other Gallatin County employment opportunities you can do so here.


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