From real treasures and antique cars to decades old beer cans, these scuba diving adventurers find all kinds of stuff in Montana lakes.

Right off the bat, one of the stranger things that was spotted in Flathead Lake was an upside-down mannequin, complete with shoes. How on earth did that end up in our lake? The video was taken by Chris Hanson.

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If you're looking for local Montana businesses that deal in scuba gear, classes, and certification, both Billings and Helena seem to be the state hubs.

Montana scuba Billings - Google maps
Montana scuba Billings - Google maps

Abram French did a compilation video of several Montana locations and he does a clear job of explaining what he was after:

In this video I am checking out a new dive site at Blue Bay along Flathead Lake in Montana. I wanted to dive this location because it is well known for having multiple boats that were purposely sunk in order to attract fish to the area as well as divers. Flathead lake doesn't disappoint, the water clarity was decent and the pile of boats on the bottom was pretty unique.


This next dive by Chris Hanson is in Coopers Lake near Ovando, Montana. No real treasures found but it's cool to see the log forests, growths and fish (alive AND dead).

There are lots more videos from around the state of Montana, chock full of interesting scuba finds. However, if you're looking for monsters or massive treasure you may need to scale back your expectations. If picking up 'antique' trash will make you feel better about your karma, you won't be disappointed.

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