Because Today is National Spoil Your Dog Day, I thought I would take the opportunity to chat about how Bozeman might be the greatest dog town in America!

Seriously, I can't think of a better place to have a dog than here in Bozeman. I told you that when we were deciding to move here, the number of dog parks and how dog-friendly the city was, was a big factor in our decision.

There are so many options for you and your canine loved ones, and because today is the day to spoil them, I thought I would give you a few places that are great when it comes to spoiling our furry friends.

  • Dee-O-Gee BZN Downtown at 424 E Main #103
  • Bozeman Dog Co. 27 Pioneer Way
  • Hattie Rex 18 S Wilson Ave
  • Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply 2275 N 7th Ave
  • Petco 2911 W Main St
  • PetSmart 2997 Max Ave

Plus, you can find different treats and toys in all the big box stores as well.

As you can see, there is no shortage when it comes to options on spoiling your dog. Our two are completely different.  Eugene is way more into food and that is his gift of choice.  Fletch likes food as well, but he totally loves toys, so that is his preference.

Bruce Bennett
Bruce Bennett

With many of these stores, it is one-stop shopping, which I'm a big fan of. So, if it's a bully stick or indestructible toy, or a new collar and leash, make sure you take the time today and spoil that fur baby.

They really do make life better.

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