Last year's winner depicted a pair of cowboy boots, or should I say one cowboy boot and one cowgirl boot, each dawning eyes, hair, and a mouth. Above the boots read 'A Boot Scootin' Good Time'. It's actually quite, shall I say, cute. Each year, the logo contest receives dozens of entries from kids all around the Gallatin Valley, and we need your votes to choose the winner.

What is the criteria for the logo? Each year the contestants are given a phrase to fit into the design. Last year it was 'Boot Scootin' Good Time' and this year it's 'Best in the West'. They then create their best interpretation of the phrase and relate it to the Gallatin County Fair.

The voting takes place on Gallatin County Fairground's Facebook page and there are 20 to choose from so take your time. I  have not yet submitted my vote because I'm torn between a few I really like.I hope you have an easier time choosing!

Vote Here For the 2012 Gallatin County Fair Logo