If you missed the announcement this past Wednesday, Maddie and Tae will be performing at the Gallatin County Fair on Thursday, July 21. I was fortunate enough to meet the duo this past December in Kansas City.

Every December in Kansas City, there is an acoustic concert (Acoustic Christmas) put on to benefit the Salvation Army. There are four performers on stage, at the same time, playing acoustic sets. This year, the artists were Tyler Farr (who will be headlining a night at Headwaters Country Jam 2016), Michael Ray (who will be at The Brick with Brantley Gilbert and Canaan Smith on March 4), Maddie and Tae, and Jordan Rager.

Before the event began, I was able to talk with the artists. Maddie and Tae were the first artists I was able to interact with. These girls were two of the nicest, most humble artists I have had the chance to meet. They were both full of excitement to be there and for the chance to speak with some of their fans!

As the fans began piling in, one of the photographers spotted a little girl holding a Maddie and Tae sign. He was able to get the attention of Maddie and Tae to stop an take a picture with the girl. Maddie and Tae did much more than stop for a photo. They took the little girl backstage, talked to her, signed her poster, and took a few photos. It's not every day you see artists go out of their way to make a fans night, but these girls did. That special moment is one the girl, as well as I, will never forget!

During the show, I was blown away with how great they sound live. They performed Fly, Girl in a Country Song, Shut Up and Fish, and a couple other songs on their album. I have seen many artists live, and I can tell you that this is a show you do not want to miss! I hope you all take advantage of the free show (the concert is included with the price of admission to the fair) they will be putting on at the Gallatin County Fair on July 21. This young duo is primed to have a breakout year in 2016!

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Photo Credit: Mark Schierholz