We had fun during the XL Country Morning Show at Rosauers this morning!

Allegiant Air was there with the 'Vote For Vacation' bus, and Lissa Fields walked away with 2 round-trip airfare tickets to Las Vegas!  You can still try to win the free flights on Allegiant for four years by clicking here on Allegiant\'s website!

It wasn't all fun and games, though.  I walked away with an injury.  When we were putting the tent down, the top of my thumb came off.

Russell and I are arguing about the severity of the injury.  I didn't mind the pain, it's the blood (there was alot) and missing skin that made me sick.

Russell thinks it's a scratch.


We walked around the office, getting opinions.  I'm not sure where everyone is today...but we did find two sales people who agree I'm missing part of my thumb.

Lenny, in traffic, thinks it's a boo boo.  But she just got hip surgery, which is a really big deal.  I felt a little stupid asking her.

What do you think?  Am I missing part of my thumb and need a day off, or do you agree with Russell?

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