There have recently been a lot of complaints from people living throughout the state of Montana about Bozeman. It's not just Bozeman residents complaining. People living in all parts of the state all agree that Bozeman isn't really Montana anymore.

Bozeman has changed in a lot of ways in recent years, and much of the change isn't for the better. We recently asked a few Bozeman locals to list some of the bad things about living in Bozeman, and they didn't hold back.

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One of the top answers was the ridiculous housing market in Bozeman. Experts are predicting a housing crash sometime in the near future that could be devastating for homeowners in Bozeman's inflated housing market. Recently, I saw a brand new Tesla with a license plate that read "HMS4RNT." If that's not a solid indicator of what Bozeman has become, then I don't know what is.

Affordable housing has been an issue in Bozeman for a long time and we hear about it a lot, but what are some of the other bad things about living in Bozeman?

Using responses from people that actually live in Bozeman, we put together a list of some of the things that bother locals the most about living here. Many people that are moving to Bozeman think that they've discovered paradise, but what is it really like to live in Bozeman? What is the bad stuff?

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