Recently, I decided to do some research on how often Bozeman has been mentioned in the national news. Here are three stories that caught my attention.

1. Downtown Explosion - As many people around here vividly remember, an explosion rocked downtown Bozeman, leaving one fatality. Media outlets across the country, including the New York Times, picked up on the story. To this day, there is still a building missing with a mural painted on a wooden wall covering the empty space.

2. Bear in Bozeman High School - In October of last year, there was a bear spotted wandering the halls of Bozeman High School. Being from Missouri, the worst I have seen in a high school is a deer.

3. The Kardashian Car Accident - In February of 2015, one of America's most loved and hated families was involved in a car accident right here in Bozeman.

What national news stories about Bozeman do you remember? As always, you can let me know your thoughts on our Facebook page, tweet me @JoeXLCountry or @XLCountry1007, or email me at