A dispute over the weekend led to the arrest of a Three Forks woman, who was charged with assault after allegedly hitting her husband in the head with a frying pan. According to the arrest report, Catherine Ann Misener struck her husband in the early hours of Sunday.

Misener's husband of 10 years told Gallatin County Sheriff's Deputies that his wife woke him up, yelling that he had peed their bed. The couple, according to the arresting report, had consumed some adult beverages prior to the incident. Misener, who called 9-1-1, said her husband became angry and threw water at her and had "come after her," at which point she picked up the frying pan in the dish rack and struck him with it.

Deputies indicated that injuries on the husband showed he had been struck several times. He was bleeding on the back of his head, and a frying pan he told deputies his wife had used showed a dent along with a broken handle that indicated excessive use.

Misener was arrested by deputies based on the injuries of her husband, and lack of injuries or physical abuse on her person.

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