UPDATE: Get your 'No Go Rodeo' tickets by noon Friday and you'll be in to win some great prizes, PLUS you'll get first choice of priority seating at next summer's Three Forks Rodeo in the new bleachers.

One of the many casualties of 2020 was the cancelation of the annual Three Forks Rodeo. It was to be a big year for the rodeo as they were excited to debut their brand new grandstands.

The old grandstands, originally used inside the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, were a gift from Montana State University some 40 years ago. For nearly 20 years, the Three Forks Rodeo saved all the money they could to get them replaced.

In January of this year, before the pandemic hit, the Three Forks Rodeo began a project to buy new ADA accessible bleachers. These new bleachers will improve spectator safety and accessibility. Ticket sales from this year's rodeo were expected to help pay for the bleachers--and then COVID hit.

But when you're left with lemons, you make lemonade. And that's what the Three Forks Rodeo is doing with their No Go Rodeo. Here's where you come in. The Three Forks Rodeo is asking that you donate the $15 you would have spent on this year's ticket.  The money will go directly towards the new bleachers, and rodeo fans will appreciate you for years to come. Your donation is also tax-deductible. If you would like to donate more than $15, you can do that too!

To purchase your No Go Rodeo ticket, click on the button below.

The Three Forks Rodeo began back in 1946, starting a tradition that has grown in popularity with fans attending from all over Montana and the United States. The annual rodeo is held the third weekend in July each year, and the arena and its new bleachers are used to host events throughout the summer.

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