If you're new to Montana, you may not know about some of the long standing traditions and customs. One gesture that is a big part of Montana culture is the 'Montana Wave.'

I wasn't born in Montana, but learned about the 'Montana Wave' soon after moving here. Many of the people I became friends with were born and raised in Montana, and took me under their wing and showed me the ropes.

If you're driving down one of Montana's many backroads, and you see another person driving in the opposite direction, it is common courtesy in Montana to raise a couple fingers off of the steering wheel and wave. Generally, the two fingers include your index finger and your middle finger, sort of like steering wheel peace sign.

The 'Montana Wave' and a sign of respect and common understanding. It's acknowledging and paying homage to the things we love about Montana. It's a simple gesture that is a part of backroad etiquette in Montana.

Sadly, with all of the growth Montana has seen recently, the Montana Wave seems to have been forgotten by some. It may be that newcomers to Montana don't know about it, or that people have become too busy in their daily lives.

A recent post on the We Live in Bozeman Facebook page got a lot of people. In the post, Tim Hawke gives a great example of the 'Montana Wave.'

We need to do our part to keep this Montana tradition alive. Montana may be changing, but a simple backroad wave goes a long way showing someone that you value what it means to live in Montana.

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