Should I just leave my debit card with them? Cause I want lunch from them everyday.

Gallatin Valley, I hope you are ready. There is a new food truck that is opening on Thursday and if you are a fan of sandwiches, like most people, you will love this truck.

The Knuckle Truck specializes in making creative and delicious sandwiches(get it knuckle sandwiches). They are still developing their menu but currently they have three different choices. A Banh Mi sandwich, a Po' Boy that is filled with shrimp and chorizo and a veggie sandwich.

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They have been mostly doing small parties or stops to show their product and test out their sandwiches but starting Thursday, they will be open everyday.

On Thursday, they will be parked in the University Burger parking lot, next to the Montana State campus on College Street.

If you want to know where they will be daily, make sure you follow the Knuckle Truck Instagram. They will be posting the times and locations of where the Knuckle Truck will be and they also post sandwich pics and possible specials for the day as well.

Personally, I can't wait for the people of the Gallatin Valley to try the Knuckle Truck. It's a nice change of pace and their sandwiches are like nothing I have had in our area. Plus, I think if they ever decide to post up in downtown Bozeman during the weekend evenings, they will make a killing.

This will be a food truck that will become a favorite for Bozeman.

For more detail, check out the Knuckle Truck Instagram.

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