The Montana State football game came down to one play this past Saturday night.

After driving 75 yards and nearly running out the clock, the Bobcats scored on a 21 yard touchdown pass from Chris Murray to Kevin Kassis. This put Montana State within one point of Northern Arizona with only :32 seconds left in the game, and it led to a huge decision for head coach Jeff Choate: should the Bobcats kick the extra-point and send the game into overtime? Or go for the two-point conversion and the WIN! The latter, with a possible playoff spot on the line, would be a bold call and leave himself open to criticism by the people who know little about football but are always the first to find fault.

This is what's great about Coach Choate. And I suspect this is why the players love him so much. Coach went for the win. And shouldn't we learn from that?  Always go for the win. Don't sit back and hope for an outcome. Go for the outcome you desire and even if you don't get it, go for it again the next time it comes around, too. That's what winners do!

If the Cats would have made it, everyone who condemned the move would be talking today about what a gutsy call the coach made. The fact that the Bobcats didn't make the two-point conversion doesn't mean the decision to go for it was a bad one. The defense was gassed, the N. Arizona QB Case Cookus was having a stellar game, and there's no guarantee that if we go into overtime that we win. In fact, I would say the best odds for us to win that game was going for two.

While our record is not what the fans, coaches, or the players would like to see, there is no question this team plays with heart and toughness (that's a testament to the players and a reflection of the men who coach them), and that they have improved as the season has progressed. They have hung in against 7 ranked teams that will only make us better for having played them.

There is no question that Coach Choate and his staff are laying the foundation for Bobcat football for the years to come. I feel good and I'm excited about the future of Bobcat football and that's because of the guy who called for the two-point conversion in the last game.

Thanks, Coach Choate for going for the win! And let's make it 2-0 in the Choate era this Saturday with a win over the dirty, rotten, stickin' Griz!

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