Who wouldn't want to escape for a few days into Montana's wilderness and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us?

A popular option when traveling to Montana is checking in to a VRBO or Airbnb instead of a hotel. People can find places closer to activities and destinations, plus it is often cheaper for a large group. If you deep dive into Montana vacation rentals, you can find some hidden gems. 

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I was scrolling on TikTok and came across an Airbnb that is the definition of a perfect stay in Montana. This cabin has access to gorgeous Montana views, is close to outdoor activities, and is placed in one of the best national parks in America. Check out the video. 

@robertjohnnnn Find me a better Airbnb view to wake up to, ill wait. #travel #airbnb #mountains #sunrise #montana #cabin ♬ som original - dm

Credit: Robert Johnnn via TikTok

This cabin might not be suitable for a large group, but if you are traveling alone or with a friend or partner, this is the perfect stay. The cabin is located in Polebridge and has access to all the hiking, fishing, kayaking, and personality Glacier National Park has to offer. 

Plus, you are still near Columbia Falls and Whitefish which are idyllic during the summer and a joy to explore. If you love cute downtowns, breweries, and putt-putt golf. You could take a week, explore the whole area and instantly fall in love. 

Credit: Ross via Airbnb
Credit: Ross via Airbnb

These types of cabins get snatched up quickly during the tourist season and are in high demand. If you want to plan a trip up to Glacier in 2023, make sure the lodging is all figured out. 

If you don't want to head to Northwest Montana for a cabin, we also have some hidden gems in the Southwest area that would be perfect for a weekend getaway or a staycation. 

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