A verbal argument over child custody led to a knife being pulled on the father of a child. According to Bozeman Police, Nicole Marie Dedman was arrested for threatening a man with a knife on Father's Day.

The police report states that on June 16, the couple began arguing on Huffine Lane while driving after spending the day at their child's grandmother's house. Having arrived back at Dedman's residence, the man requested spending the rest of the day with their daughter since it was Father's Day. The man alleges that at this point Dedman became angry, produced a knife and held it to his throat.

Police spoke with the male at his home after the incident and watched a video that he had taken with his phone that showed the defendant holding a green-handled knife while they were in the vehicle. According to police, the video seemed to help corroborate the man's story.

After speaking with the male, Bozeman police then went to Dedman's house where they questioned her about his claim. Dedman, at first, denied the incident took place and that she owned the knife in question. After police showed her photos, obtained from the male, she changed her story, admitting she had a knife, but didn't know where it was.

Police then spoke with the couple's daughter, who was present during the alleged assault. She told police that Dedman pulled a knife on the man when he tried to take her for the day. More information obtained from the daughter led to officers locating the knife.

Dedman was arrested for Assault With a Weapon and transported to the Gallatin County Detention Center.

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