I was able to take a tour and get a nice taste of Bozeman Spirits.

Last week, I met Mary Pat, one of the co-owners of Bozeman Spirits Distillery. She invited Dave, Amy and me for lunch and a tour of the distillery.

When we arrived, we sat down at the bar. Mary Pat gave each of us a drink. Dave and Amy went with the Huckleberry Mule and I went with the Montana Mule. Both drinks were very delicious!

They make all of their spirits in the distillery in-house, which really enhances the experience. I was also able to try the cherry whiskey and the rum. I am very picky when it comes to my whiskey, and I loved the flavor in all of their spirits. I highly recommend stopping by and grabbing a drink. I know I will be back for the drinks. They sell their alcohol, as well as awesome merchandise in-house.

For lunch, you are able to order food from Victory Taco. They bring it to the bar and you can even pay them when they arrive. The tacos were very good, easily the best taco I have had in Bozeman. Make sure to get food from Victory Taco when you visit!

After we had a drink and lunch, we took a tour of the in-home distillery. It's an amazing sight to see. It's a great experience to see where your favorite alcohol comes from. From the distillery machines to the whiskey barrels, Bozeman Spirits is very diligent with how their products are made.

Bozeman Spirits Whiskey Barrels


Overall, I think Bozeman Spirits will be a place you will find me pretty frequently. Thank you again to Mary Pat for the awesome experience!