I'm sitting here trying to think of what I'm thankful for and it seems that when you overthink it almost nothing comes to mind.   Then... With a deep breath I remember it's the blessings that you have everyday that really make life amazing.

My health.  Even though I just had an appendectomy last week, I count myself lucky.  I say this because it's been the only surgery I have ever had and I'm recovering from it.  I feel like myself and I am back to my normal routine. It could have been a lot worse and I feel so lucky that it wasn't something more.

My fiancé.  He's always there for me. Whether it's staying with me and holding my hand in the hospital or helping with laundry, he's there.  I can't wait to marry him this upcoming July!

My job.  I dreamed about working at XL Country with Dave and now it's a reality.  Some days I still have a hard time convincing myself that it's real.

XL Nation and the Bozeman community.  When I moved here I never really thought that the community would be so nice and welcoming.  I really got to see the next level with the 'Can the Griz' Food Drive.  It's amazing that the community came together and collected 389,093 pounds of food and cash.

Music.  The whole reason I got involved in radio was because of the music.  There are so many artists whose words and music are so inspiring.  Music can affect you and change your mood and life in incredible ways.

Family.  Always supportive and always there.  They make the holidays fun, interesting, and never boring. Most importantly thought is that my happiness is always the most important to them.  That feeling is unlike any other.

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