There is nothing wrong with spreading some love to some bars that deserve some credit. 

Bozeman is scattered with several fantastic bars to have drinks, snacks, and great memories. Then there are a few bars that are often overlooked. The bars that get a lot of coverage or love are the ones that are downtown. The bars in downtown Bozeman get a lot of exposure and are the go-to place for many folks, but what about some hidden gems? 

If you need a break from the downtown bars packed with college students, rowdy folks, and loud people, you might want to check out one of these bars. 

  • Hideaway Lounge-This bar off of 19th Avenue and Main Street is frequented by locals who want a break from the crowds. Plus, their alcohol prices won't break the bank like most of the downtown bars. It's a nice place to get away, try a drink, and enjoy your company. 
  • Spectator's Bar & Grill-Up near the Montana State campus, Spectator's is a bar where you can enjoy sports and have great food. One of the many aspects of Spectator's Bar is that they serve food later than most restaurants in downtown Bozeman. 
  • Hop Lounge-If you like beer and good food, Hop Lounge is for you. Off of Huffine Lane, Hop Lounge has over forty beers on tap, and even though this establishment doesn't have hard liquor, it's still worth a trip. 
  • Happy Box-Even though this bar is downtown, this bar is often missed by many locals. Happy Box is in the basement of the Main Street Market and is the only karaoke bar in Bozeman. 

These are just a few bars you should try or have a casual drink shortly. Who knows, it might become your new favorite hangout. 

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