Some roads need work in Bozeman, not only to make commuting better for citizens but also for the growing community. 

The City of Bozeman has many streets that need work whether it's construction or fixing potholes, but these two streets need work based solely on the fact that these two streets will be necessary for the future population of Bozeman. We should start working towards the future of Bozeman with the growing population and not play catch up constantly. 

The first road that needs work is Oak Street. I am not talking about Oak from Rouse through 19th Avenue. That part of Oak Street is perfectly constructed. The section of Oak that needs work is when you get past the new Gallatin High School, and then Oak comes to a screeching halt.

Oak Street needs to be like Huffine and Baxter and connect to Jackrabbit. This would help bridge the sprawling community in Bozeman and Four Corners, and extending Oak Street adds another route home for many commuters. 

The other road that needs work is Fowler Avenue in Bozeman. Some folks might not recognize Fowler Avenue, but this street is disconnected by several large landmasses but that will change.

According to Bozeman Real Estate Group, Fowler Avenue will finally get work done in the next couple of years. The City of Bozeman is working with a concept design and wants residential input to be weighed in on the project. The design phase and community input will happen through the summer of 2022, and the earliest construction will occur in the spring of 2023. 

Both of these streets will be crucial to the continuing growth of Bozeman and help cut down on traffic for commuters. 

We can't wait to see what happens next with these streets. 

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