To be honest, this isn't anything new. There are a couple of stereotypes in Bozeman that area are actually quite fitting. Here they are. First, everyone drives a Subaru. The second stereotype is that everyone owns a black lab.

I recently sold my pickup and bought a Subaru. Let's face it, a Subaru is a great choice in a place like Bozeman. The all-wheel-drive is a blessing in the winter, and they get decent gas mileage to boot. I also happen to be the owner of a black lab named Galena. That means I'm official proof that it isn't entirely a stereotype, but it's fairly accurate.

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You literally can't drive down any street in the Bozeman area without spotting at least one Subaru parked along the side of the street. Bozeman is home to a lot of Subaru owners, and for good reason. They are incredibly reliable vehicles and can handle almost any weather conditions. If you opt for the Outback or the Forester, there's plenty of cargo space for storage and you can even lay down the seats and camp in the back if you ever need to.


Bozeman is also home to a lot of pet owners, specifically dogs. If you hike on any trail in the area, you'll see the evidence. Little poop bags everywhere! It's been a problem in Bozeman for quite a while.

Black labs and labrador retrievers, in general, are popular breeds here in Bozeman. If you go to any dog park or trail in the area, you're almost guaranteed to see at least one.

I've heard the stereotype for a long time, but now I'm officially a part of it now. I just think it's funny. What are some other Bozeman stereotypes that you think are accurate?

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