Bozeman is a gorgeous town but there are several spots that could use a bit of sprucing up. Here are four spots that need a facelift.

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    Grand and Lamme

    These boarded up buildings have quite a bit of graffiti on them and have been vandalized. There have been whispers of a possible project coming soon.

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    Old K-Mart on 7th

    Nothing is sexy about a giant concrete pad with a chain link fence and it's share of garbage. It's a huge lot with the potential house a nice addition to the community.

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    The Armory Building

    This building is on one of the busiest streets here in Bozeman and has graffiti and boarded up windows. The chain link fence doesn't help either. This place has a lot of potential and rumors have been circulating that it's future might be in the form of a hotel.

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    Main Street Storefront

    This old storefront has been closed for years and attracts litter and seems to be serving as Main Street's ash tray. This location is prime real estate and has tons of potential. There are rumblings that there is a business interested in moving into this spot.

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