There aren't many donut shops in Bozeman. The only one that comes to mind is Granny's Donuts, which recently won the award for Best Donuts in Montana.

Currently, Granny's doesn't have any competition in Bozeman, but that's all about to change. The M Donut Factory is planning to open sometime during March. It will be located at 1236 W. Main St.

I spoke with the owner this morning, and he said this is a dream he's been working on since 2009, and he's a retired cop from California, so he knows a thing or two about donuts.

When you buy donuts from the store, you're buying previously frozen products. What we're going to do is bring donuts to Bozeman that are out of this world compared to anything available. We not only focus on taste, we also focus on presentation."

I'm a large American, so donuts are my weakness. I can't wait to give The M Donut Factory a try.

Here's a link to its Facebook page.



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