Whenever I travel to a new city or place, I always check to see if the location might have a quirky or one-of-kind museum.

Montana is covered statewide with small towns, wilderness, and beautiful landscapes. The thing is, Montana also boasts some incredible museums that are spread out all over the state. Museums are a great way not only to learn but also to spend some quality time with friends or family. The best part is that not all of the best museums are in the biggest cities, many fun museums are hidden in the small towns of Montana.

What are your interests? History, dinosaurs, art? Montana has museums for every interest. These are museums that I have visited multiple times in my lifetime, and have frequented with friends and family. Each of these museums is perfect for continuing trips because you can't take in all of the exhibits or information in one visit. Plus, there are always new exhibits that come from time to time.

You might see some museums that are obvious choices, but there are a few that you might have missed while traveling through Montana. That's the remarkable thing about Montana, there are always hidden gems. That makes these places even more special in our eyes.

If you are planning on any trips around Montana this spring, summer, or fall, you should take some time out and visit one of these great museums. These places are all nonprofits and locally operated by people who are passionate about history. You have to love that!

Six Museums To Check Out in Montana

Love history, art, or dinosaurs? Montana has museums statewide that are perfect for any interest. The next time you are traveling through the Big Sky State, you should check out one of these amazing museums.

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