I have to be honest, I actively look for this spot every time I go on vacation whether in the airport or the location I am traveling to.

I know Bozeman is all about local but we all have our guilty pleasures when it comes to food and I have one that I crave any time I travel and I would love to see one open here in Bozeman. And no I am not talking about In-N-Out.

Shake Shack is my personal favorite place to grab a burger, shake, and fries when going to a big city. Shake Shack started on the East Coast and has expanded and doesn't get the love they deserve. Their burgers are just as good or better than In-N-Out's and they have crinkle-cut fries(the best kind in my opinion). Plus, they offer vegetarian options and their custard and shakes are the best.

Shake Shack To Raise Prices As Inflation Continues To Rise
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Even though more folks might want to see an In-N-Out open in Bozeman, the thing is they are pretty overrated in my opinion, and Shake Shack is the superior burger joint. I mean, I ate at Shake Shack twice on my last vacation. Once in Nashville and once in the Denver airport. I will never let a Shake Shack opportunity pass me by.

As of right now, Shake Shack has no plans to open anytime soon here in Bozeman or Montana for that matter, especially with the service industry problems we are having right now.

I can dream though, can't I?

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