Finding a great place to have not only a great dinner but that's not to overcrowded and has great atmosphere is tough. Here's the thing, Valentine's Day is coming up very quickly and if you want to have a romantic dinner and a great time you should probably check out these five spots and get a reservation fast. So here are my Top Five Spots to Romantic Spots to Have Dinner in Bozeman.

  • 1

    Emerson Grill

    Definitely plan on getting a reservation well ahead of time. They always have fantastic food and you will have privacy for your date. Check out the Emerson Grill to see their full menu and to make a reservation.

  • 2

    Copper Whiskey

    Great food, great drinks and there is plenty of booths where you can get privacy to enjoy your meal with your significant other. Reservations go fast so I would definitely book on soon. Check out Copper Whiskey's website for everything they have to offer.

  • 3

    Saffron Table

    Amazingly delicious food and won't be overstuffed with people so you can enjoy your company and have a fantastic night. Saffron Table has a great menu of food you can't get anywhere else. Check out Saffron Table's website for more details.

  • 4

    Urban Kitchen

    This place is still pretty new but the food is top notch. Plus, because it's so new not a lot of people will remember to go here for a fantastic meal. You can make reservations online and also check out their menu for Urban Kitchen here.

  • 5

    Squire House

    This place has already gotten a lot of attention for it's amazing food and has become the place to go to if you want have a fantastic meal if you are willing to pay a little more. Make a reservation or you might have to wait an hour or two to even get a table. Check Squire House's website for their menu and to make a reservation.

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